Dan Dayton:   How to Attach Your Painting to a Frame

Links related to Deltona Art Club demonstrations:

Helpful links for artists:

Facebook group -  Photos for Artists  Members of this group have shared a large variety of photos for artists to use as inspiration.  You must log in to Facebook and  'join' the group to be able to see the photos.   

Please email Katie Waller folkfiddle @ gmail.com to share your favorite art related links!  

Susan Furrie:   An alternative method of framing for watercolor paintings.

Susan did a very helpful demonstration of this method at our 2/13/19 meeting.  

This video by Angela Fehr will remind you of the method and materials:  

Click here for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHeDltkj9_M

A list of supplies is in the description on the video.

Jeanne Wolf:   Making Art Paper at Home

The Internet is full of wonderful information about handmade paper. I have chosen a few of my favorites to share with you:   

​*  Make Your Own Paper

​*  The Art of Herbal Paper Making  

​*  History of Paper

​*  How to Make Paper from Recycled Materials

Youtube Videos:

*  Ancient Chinese Papermaking

​*  Learn to Marble and Decorate Paper

​*  Demo: 4th Grade Paper Making

          (Listed to show you how he added some wild plant materials on his slurry.(

*  Search Google for "Claudia Lee Paper Making"    ​

Katie Waller:   Weaving on Branches and Twigs - The Branch/Twig is your Loom!

Don't feel that you are limited to just weaving with yarn.   You can add ribbon, paper, photographs, plants, beads and most anything else you can think of!   

​Here are a few web pages that will help to get you started:

*   Katie's Pinterest Weaving Board - There are lots of ideas here.  Not all are branch/twig weaving.

           Scroll through or just search Pinterest at the top of the page.  

​*   Katie's Instagram page showing her weaving, etc.   

*   Branch Weaving Tutorial on Instructables

​*   Branch Weaving - Video tutorial for branch weaving

​*   Branch Weaving -  Video tutorial  This is a fancy one with beads and pom poms.

*   Outdoor Weavings -  Video of Lydia Kendrick interview.  
           Look at all the beautiful woven pieces 
in her gardens!!!   

*   Lydia Kendrick's Blog - Outdoor Weavings    I SO admire her work!  

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