Featured Artist of the Month 
Lee Hanline

Lee Hanline is a member of the Deltona Art Club.  The Club, established in January 1968, is one of the oldest continuing running clubs in Central Florida.  All area artists working in any medium are welcome to join the club which meets the second Wednesday of each month at 9:45 AM September through May at the Deltona Regional Library. The Deltona Art Club also has weekly workshop time at the Center at Deltona located at 1640 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd off Howland Blvd in Deltona. They meet each Thursday, year-round, from about 12:30 to about 3 PM.  Everyone is welcome! Learn more at www.deltonaartclub.com or send an email to deltonaartclub@gmail.com.


​Artist: Lee Hanline

Featured Artist: Lee Hanline

Lee Hanline’s is the Deltona Art Club’s Featured Artist for April 2019 and his watercolor painting called “Anhinga” now graces the foyer of Deltona City Hall.

Born in Virginia and raised on a farm, Lee Hanline always had an appreciation of nature. As a child he began painting what he saw using the oily stain of blacked walnut husks as a medium to paint with.  His mother noticed his interest in art and gave him a paint-by-number set for Christmas.  Since then he has been drawing, painting or making things from what he could find.

”Today I am retired” says Lee, “and throughout my life I have tried mediums from pencil to scratchboard and everything in between. I am now using watercolor as my main medium. Though I do not have any formal training in art, I believe I have a God-gifted talent passed to me through my talented mother.”

Lee Hanline is also a talented photographer and he uses his own photos, and photos from others as well, as inspiration for his artworks.

“My advice to anyone interested in art”, says Lee, “is to pursue their passion to the best of their ability.  Art is more than visual; it is also feeling and expressions of your inner self.  You will also have the enjoyment of creating your images to share your feelings with anyone who sees them.”